Chapter 2.15


2.15.010    Office created.

2.15.020    Appointment – Powers and duties.

2.15.030    Compensation.

2.15.010 Office created.

The office of city attorney is created for the purpose of having the city attorney advise the city council and other officers of the city in relation to public legal procedure. [Ord. 90-10 § 1; Code 1990 § 2.4.01.]

2.15.020 Appointment – Powers and duties.

The city council is authorized to appoint a city attorney, with all of the duties and powers as are prescribed by law, and to remove him or appoint his successor. [Ord. 90-10 § 2; Code 1990 § 2.4.02.]

2.15.030 Compensation.

The city attorney shall receive from the city, as compensation for the ordinary services of the office of city attorney, such sums as the city council shall allow from time to time and, in addition, reasonable sums as shall be allowed by the council for legal work performed beyond such ordinary services. [Ord. 90-10 § 3; Code 1990 § 2.4.03.]