Chapter 2.45


2.45.010    Declaration of purpose.

2.45.020    Planning commission created.

2.45.030    Functions of planning commission.

2.45.040    Funds, equipment and accommodations.

2.45.010 Declaration of purpose.

Each city in the state of California is required to have a planning agency with the powers necessary to carry out the purposes of the planning and zoning law (Government Code Section 65000 et seq.). The functions of the planning agency for the city of Calimesa are hereby assigned to a planning commission and planning department. (Government Code Section 65100.) [Ord. 92-11 § 1; Ord. 90-4; Code 1990 § 9.1.01.]

2.45.020 Planning commission created.

A. There is hereby created and established a planning commission, which shall consist of five members.

B. Each city council member shall appoint one person to the planning commission, which appointment shall not become effective until ratified by a majority vote of the city council. Each city council member shall make his or her appointment within 60 days of the date the city has received a complete application that is filed after the vacancy has occurred and is from an applicant who meets the minimum standards set by this code for the position. In the event the appointing city council member does not make his or her appointment within that 60-day time period, the nomination may be made by any member of the city council and approved with a majority vote of the city council. The person appointed shall be a resident of the city, shall act solely in the public interest, and shall serve for the term (or remainder thereof) of the city council member who appointed the commissioner or for the unexpired term of the former incumbent commissioner. The person appointed shall serve at the pleasure of the city council and may be removed without cause either: (1) at the request of the appointing city council member and with the majority vote of the city council; (2) at the request of a city council member other than the appointing city council member and with a four-fifths vote of the city council; or (3) at the request of any member of the city council and with a majority vote of the city council if the person was appointed to the position by the city council rather than an individual council member. In the event the appointing council member does not complete his or her term of office, his or her replacement may remove any commissioner appointed by his or her predecessor without cause and without the approval of the city council. Appointments to fill the seat of a commissioner who has been removed from the commission shall not become effective until ratified by the majority vote of the city council.

C. The planning commission shall follow all rules, procedures and standards established by the city council and state and federal law. (Government Code Section 65102.)

D. Effective December 1, 2006, planning commissioners shall not be appointed to serve as members on any other city of Calimesa advisory commissions while serving as a planning commissioner. [Ord. 333 § 5, 2015; Ord. 324 § 7, 2012; Ord. 243 § 1, 2006; Ord. 187 § 21, 2001; Ord. 98-7 § 3; Ord. 95-2 § 1; Ord. 92-11 § 2; Ord. 90-4; Code 1990 § 9.1.02.]

2.45.030 Functions of planning commission.

The planning commission shall perform the following functions:

A. Prepare, periodically review, and revise as necessary the general plan.

B. Implement the general plan through actions including, but not limited to, the administration of specific plans, zoning and subdivision ordinances.

C. Annually review the capital improvement plan of the city and the local public works projects of other local agencies for their consistency with the general plan, pursuant to Title 7, Division 1, Chapter 3, Article 7 (commencing with Section 65400) of the Government Code.

D. Endeavor to promote public interest in, comment on, and understanding of the general plan, and regulations relating to it.

E. Consult and advise with public officials and agencies; public utility companies; civic, educational, professional, and other organizations; and citizens generally concerning implementation of the general plan.

F. Promote the coordination of local plans and programs with the plans and programs of other public agencies.

G. Coordinate the review of development applications with the trails, open space and beautification committee to ensure that, as development projects are reviewed and approved by the city, an interconnected network of off-road trails and amenities throughout the city are provided for and retained.

H. Perform such other functions as are required by the planning and zoning law and as may be provided by the city council, including conducting studies and preparing plans other than those required or authorized by the planning and zoning law. (Government Code Section 65103.) [Ord. 371 §§ 4, 5, 2020; Ord. 332 § 5, 2014; Ord. 92-11 § 3; Ord. 90-4; Code 1990 § 9.1.03.]

2.45.040 Funds, equipment and accommodations.

The city council shall, by a resolution adopted pursuant to Section 66016 of the Government Code, impose fees to provide the funds, equipment, and accommodations necessary or appropriate for the work of the planning commission and the planning department. The fees provided for in this section shall not exceed the reasonable cost of providing the service for which the fee is charged. (Government Code Section 65104.) [Ord. 187 § 22, 2001; Ord. 92-11 § 4; Code 1990 § 9.1.04.]