Chapter 2.60


2.60.010    Adoption of uniform personnel system.

2.60.020    Personnel officer.

2.60.030    Classified service.

2.60.040    Right to contract for special service.

2.60.050    Appropriation of funds.

2.60.010 Adoption of uniform personnel system.

In order to establish an equitable and uniform procedure for dealing with personnel matters, the following personnel system for the city of Calimesa is hereby adopted. In addition to the personnel system adopted herein, the city council may, by resolution, adopt personnel rules for general employees. [Ord. 90-15; Code 1990 § 2.7.01.]

2.60.020 Personnel officer.

The city manager shall be the personnel officer. The city manager may delegate any of the powers and duties conferred upon him as the personnel officer to any other officer or employee of the city or may recommend that such powers and duties shall be performed under contract. The personnel officer shall:

A. Administer all the provisions of this chapter and of the personnel rules and regulations which are not specifically reserved to the city council.

B. Prepare and recommend to the council, as required, amendments to this chapter and the personnel rules and regulations.

C. Prepare a salary plan and revisions thereto.

D. Be responsible for the administration of the following procedures within the framework of this chapter:

1. The formulation of specifications for each class of position in the classified service of the city.

2. The allocation of positions to class in the classified service on the basis of duties, responsibilities, and requirements.

3. The public announcement of vacancies and examinations and the acceptance of applications of employment.

4. The preparation and conduct of examinations and the establishment and use of eligibility lists containing names of persons eligible for appointment.

5. The certification and appointment of persons from eligibility lists to fill vacancies and the making of temporary and emergency appointments.

6. The periodic evaluation of employees.

7. The transfer, promotion, demotion, discipline, reduction in pay and reemployment of employees in the classified service.

8. The standardization of hours of work, attendance and leave regulations, and working conditions.

9. The development of employees’ morale, welfare, training and safety.

10. The separation from the classified service of employees through layoff and dismissal.

11. The maintenance and use of necessary records and forms, including payroll certification.

12. The establishment and maintenance of suitable methods of effective communication between employees and their supervisors; between employees and the city manager; and between employees and the city council, relating to conditions of employment in the city service.

13. The development of a pay and benefit package for management and confidential employees and the presentation of this package to the city council.

14. The development and administration of the city’s employer-employee relations program consistent with the letter and intent of state law and the city’s employee relations resolution.

15. The development and administration of policies which assure an unbiased work environment and fully protect the rights of each employee. [Ord. 90-15; Code 1990 § 2.7.03.]

2.60.030 Classified service.

The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all offices, positions and employment in the service of the city except:

A. Elective offices.

B. Members of appointive boards, commissions and committees.

C. Persons employed under contract to supply expert, professional or technical services for a definite period of time.

D. Volunteer personnel who receive no regular compensation from the city.

E. City attorney and city manager.

F. Emergency employees who are hired to meet the immediate requirements of an emergency condition. [Ord. 90-15; Code 1990 § 2.7.04.]

2.60.040 Right to contract for special service.

The personnel officer may request the city council to contract with any qualified person or agency for the performance of such technical services as may be desired in the establishment or operation of the personnel system. The contract may include delegation to the person or agency so retained of all or a part of the responsibilities and duties imposed in this chapter on the personnel officer, with provision for confidentiality of personnel files. [Ord. 90-15; Code 1990 § 2.7.05.]

2.60.050 Appropriation of funds.

The council shall appropriate such funds as are necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter. [Ord. 90-15; Code 1990 § 2.7.06.]