Chapter 10.30


10.30.010    Administrative fee.

10.30.020    Stolen or embezzled vehicles are exempt.

10.30.030    Police department discretion.

10.30.040    Administrative costs imposed.

10.30.010 Administrative fee.

Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 22850.5, an administrative fee shall be imposed as set forth in this chapter for the recovery of impounded and/or stored vehicles in an amount set herein. This fee shall be the equivalent of one hour at the current deputy sheriff contract rate to the city, rounded to the nearest whole dollar, and shall be adopted and periodically adjusted by resolution of the city council. [Ord. 310 § 1, 2010.]

10.30.020 Stolen or embezzled vehicles are exempt.

The victims of stolen or embezzled vehicles shall be exempt from this administrative fee when their vehicles are released from impound and/or storage. [Ord. 310 § 1, 2010.]

10.30.030 Police department discretion.

The Riverside County sheriff’s department, acting as the Calimesa police department, may, in the exercise of its discretion, forego or excuse this administrative fee when deemed appropriate by the police chief. [Ord. 310 § 1, 2010.]

10.30.040 Administrative costs imposed.

The administrative charge shall only be imposed for administrative costs as follows:

A. The fee shall only be imposed on the registered owner or the agents of that owner and shall not include any vehicle towed under an abatement program or sold at a lien sale, unless the sale is sufficient in amount to pay the lien holder’s total charges and proper administrative costs;

B. Any charges shall be collected only from the registered owner or an agent of the registered owner;

C. The charges shall be in addition to any other charges authorized or imposed pursuant to the Vehicle Code; and

D. No charge shall be made to the legal owner who redeems the vehicle unless the legal owner voluntarily requests a post-storage hearing. [Ord. 310 § 1, 2010.]