Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Created.

2.16.020    Employees.

2.16.030    Director – Appointment and qualifications.

2.16.040    Director – Powers and duties.

2.16.050    Repealed.

2.16.010 Created.

The department of planning is created and established in accordance with Section 65200 et seq., of the Government Code of the state of California. (Ord. 991 § 1 (part), 2014: Ord. 331 § 1, 1970)

2.16.020 Employees.

The number of employees to carry out the functions of the planning department shall be designated by the city manager and the community development director with the approval of the city council. (Ord. 991 § 1 (part), 2014: Ord. 331 § 2, 1970)

2.16.030 Director – Appointment and qualifications.

The community development director shall be appointed by the city manager. He or she shall be qualified pursuant to Section 65201 of the Government Code of the state of California and shall have the ability to manage and direct the planning department, and possess knowledge of the principles of state laws and city ordinances relating to zoning and planning, together with a working knowledge of engineers’ drawings, mapping and topography, and have the ability to collect, analyze and interpret data pertaining to planning and zoning activities. (Ord. 991 § 1 (part), 2014: Ord. 331 § 3, 1970)

2.16.040 Director – Powers and duties.

The community development director shall plan and supervise the technical work and administrative detail of the planning commission; serve as secretary to the planning commission and carry out their directives; develop and promote long range planning programs; prepare zoning and other regulatory ordinances in preliminary form; supervise the work of the staff of the planning department; supervise and participate in the administration of zoning ordinances; make land use studies and reports; consult with citizens and officials on planning problems; advise the city council on planning problems; maintain cooperative liaison with other agencies in the planning field, including state and local agencies; answer inquiries from the public concerning zoning regulations. (Ord. 991 § 1 (part), 2014: Ord. 331 § 4, 1970)

2.16.050 Director – Compensation.

Repealed by Ord. 991. (Ord. 331 § 5, 1970)