Chapter 2.24


2.24.010    Adoption.

2.24.020    Definitions.

2.24.030    Applicability.

2.24.040    Disclosure requirements.

2.24.050    Circumstances requiring disqualification.

2.24.055    Acceptance of employment prohibited.

2.24.060    Copy filed.

2.24.010 Adoption.

In compliance with Section 87300 of the Government Code, the city council adopts this conflict of interest ordinance. (Ord. 405 § 1, 1976)

2.24.020 Definitions.

Except as otherwise indicated, the definitions contained in the Political Reform Act of 1974 (Government Code Section 81000) and regulations adopted pursuant hereto are incorporated into this conflict of interest code. (Ord. 405 § 5, 1976)

2.24.030 Applicability.

This conflict of interest ordinance shall be applicable to members of the city council, whether acting as council members or as members of any city board or commission. (Ord. 405 § 2, 1976)

2.24.040 Disclosure requirements.

Members of the city council are required, pursuant to Government Code Section 87200, to disclose investments, interest in real property and income. No other or no additional disclosure requirements are imposed by this conflict of interest ordinance. (Ord. 405 § 3, 1976)

2.24.050 Circumstances requiring disqualification.

Any member of the city council must disqualify himself or herself from making or participating in the making of any decisions which will foreseeably have a material financial effect, distinguishable from its effect on the public generally, on any economic interest, as defined in Government Code Section 87103. No member shall be prevented from making or participating in the making of any decision to the extent his or her participation is legally required for the decision to be made. (Ord. 405 § 4, 1976)

2.24.055 Acceptance of employment prohibited.

A member of the city council, planning commission or architectural and site review committee shall not solicit employment relative to a project which has previously come before that member’s council, commission or committee for hearing. (Ord. 847 § 1, 2003)

2.24.060 Copy filed.

The city clerk is directed to forward a certified copy of the ordinance codified in this chapter to the Fair Political Practices Commission. (Ord. 405 § 6, 1976)