Chapter 2.52


2.52.010    Applicability of chapter.

2.52.020    Time and form of appeal.

2.52.030    Setting of the hearing date.

2.52.040    Standing to appeal.

2.52.050    Conduct of the hearing.

2.52.060    Findings.

2.52.010 Applicability of chapter.

Except when a different procedure is otherwise expressly provided by this code, all appeals to the city council from a decision of any city employee, board, or commission shall be conducted as set out in this chapter. (Ord. 519 (part), 1982)

2.52.020 Time and form of appeal.

All appeals shall be in writing, delivered to the office of the city clerk. Such appeals shall be made within ten working days from the time of the board decision, except that when neither the applicant nor the applicant’s representative has been present at the meeting in which the decision was rendered, the appeal time shall be fourteen working days from the date the staff mails to the applicant a notice of the decision. The notice of appeal shall set forth the appellant’s name, the phone number for the appellant, an address to which notices may be sent to the appellant and the grounds upon which the appeal is made. (Ord. 845 § 1, 2003; Ord. 519 (part), 1982)

2.52.030 Setting of the hearing date.

The city staff can either set the hearing for the next city council meeting or shall, at the next city council meeting, request the city council to set the time and place of hearing. (Ord. 519 (part), 1982)

2.52.040 Standing to appeal.

The council may refuse to hear an appeal by a person whom the council determines does not have a significant interest in the matter. In land use matters, any citizen of Capitola or any property owner likely to be affected by the decision, shall be deemed to have a significant interest. (Ord. 519 (part), 1982)

2.52.050 Conduct of the hearing.

The hearing shall be de novo. Without city council approval, the appellant’s presentation shall be limited to issues raised in the notice of appeal and to reasonable rebuttal. The ordinary order of presentation is as follows: appellant, comments of other members of the audience, appellant’s rebuttal, council consideration. The presiding officer may set forth any reasonable time limits upon the presentation of any person. (Ord. 519 (part), 1982)

2.52.060 Findings.

Findings may either be made by the city council at the time of the hearing or the council may direct the city staff to bring back findings for later council determination. The council may render a final decision, notwithstanding that the findings may be rendered at a later time. (Ord. 519 (part), 1982)