Chapter 4.03


4.03.010    Service of notices.

4.03.020    Proof of service of notices.

4.03.030    Constructive notice of recorded documents.

4.03.010 Service of notices.

A. Whenever a notice is required to be given under this code for enforcement purposes, the notice shall be served by any of the following methods unless different provisions are otherwise specifically stated to apply:

1. Personal service; or

2. Certified mail, postage prepaid, return receipt requested. Simultaneously, the same notice may be sent by regular mail. If a notice that is sent by certified mail is returned unsigned, then service shall be deemed effective pursuant to regular mail, provided the notice that was sent by regular mail is not returned.

3. Posting the notice conspicuously on or in front of the property. The form of the posted notice shall be approved by the city manager.

B. Service by certified or regular mail in the manner described above shall be effective on the date of mailing.

C. The failure of any person with an interest in the property to receive any notice served in accordance with this section shall not affect the validity of any proceedings taken under this code.

D. The notice requirements in this section do not apply to initial notices of violation, which may be sent by regular mail. Service of a notice of violation by regular mail is effective on the date of mailing. (Ord. 852 § 2, 2003)

4.03.020 Proof of service of notices.

Proof of service of notice may be made by the certificate of any officer or employee of this city or by affidavit of any person over the age of eighteen years. The proof of service shall show that service was done in conformity with this code or other provisions of law applicable to the subject matter concerned. (Ord. 852 § 2, 2003)

4.03.030 Constructive notice of recorded documents.

Whenever a document is recorded with the county recorder as authorized or required by this code or applicable state codes, recordation shall provide constructive notice of the information contained in the recorded documents. (Ord. 852 § 2, 2003)