Chapter 4.16


4.16.010    Declaration of purpose.

4.16.020    Summary abatement.

4.16.030    Authority.

4.16.040    Procedures.

4.16.010 Declaration of purpose.

The city council finds that its purpose in adopting this chapter and Chapter 4.18 is to establish a procedure for the summary abatement of public nuisances and code violations. The procedures established herein are in addition to any other legal remedy, criminal or civil, established by law, which may be pursued to address violations of this code or applicable state codes. (Ord. 852 § 2, 2003)

4.16.020 Summary abatement.

This chapter governs the procedures relating to summary abatement of public nuisances. (Ord. 852 § 2, 2003)

4.16.030 Authority.

Whenever an enforcement official determines that an imminent life safety hazard exists that requires immediate correction or elimination, the enforcement official may exercise the following powers without prior notice to the responsible person:

A. Order the immediate vacation of any tenants and prohibit occupancy until all repairs are completed;

B. Post the premises as unsafe, substandard or dangerous;

C. Board, fence or secure the building or site;

D. Raze and grade that portion of the building or site to prevent further collapse and remove any hazard to the general public;

E. Make any minimal emergency repairs as necessary to eliminate any imminent life safety hazard; or

F. Take any other action as appropriate under the circumstances. (Ord. 852 § 2, 2003)

4.16.040 Procedures.

A. An enforcement official shall pursue only the minimum level of connection or abatement as necessary to eliminate the immediacy of the hazard. Costs incurred by the city during the summary abatement process shall be assessed and recovered against the responsible person or property owner through the procedures outlined in Section 4.18.040.

B. The enforcement official may also pursue any administrative or judicial remedy to abate any remaining public nuisance. (Ord. 852 § 2, 2003)