Chapter 5.44


5.44.010    Warning notice.

5.44.030    Noncompliance penalty.

5.44.010 Warning notice.

Whenever the city manager has reason to believe that any cable TV operator providing services within the city boundaries of the city has failed to meet the Government Code Section 53055.1 requirement to annually distribute to employees, to each customer, and to the city a notice describing customer service standards, the city manager shall provide the operator with the warning notice contemplated by Section 53056 (b). (Ord. 741 (part), 1992)

5.44.030 Noncompliance penalty.

Any cable television operator operating within the city who fails, within sixty days of receipt of the warning notice referred to in preceding section, shall pay a penalty of five hundred dollars for each year in which the notice has not been so distributed. That amount is payable on the sixty-first day after the operator’s receipt of the notice from the city. (Ord. 741 (part), 1992)