Chapter 9.48


9.48.010    Camping defined.

9.48.020    Camping prohibited.

9.48.030    Temporary permits.

9.48.010 Camping defined.

As used in this chapter, “camping” means, within any tent, motor vehicle, trailer, camper, or temporary structure, any of the following activities:

A. Cooking upon a stove;

B. Bathing, when using a shower or tub-type device;

C. The elimination of human digestive wastes, or;

D. Any person’s using any tent, motor vehicle, trailer, camper, or temporary structure, as opposed to a house, hotel or motel, as the person’s primary place of sleep for one or more nights or days.

“Camper,” as used above, means a structure designed to be mounted upon a motor vehicle and to provide facilities for human habitation or camping purposes. (Ord. 528 § 3, 1982)

9.48.020 Camping prohibited.

Camping is prohibited in the city except as follows:

A. In state parks; and

B. On the premises of businesses, such as mobile home parks, for which there is a use or other city issued permit which clearly authorizes the particular activity. (Ord. 528 § 3, 1982)

9.48.030 Temporary permits.

A. Upon application, the city council may issue, or conditionally issue, temporary permits for camping upon private property when satisfactory evidence is presented to the council that:

1. State parks, motels, hotels, or established camp grounds are not a feasible alternative for the applicant; and

2. Arrangements have been made to ensure that waste and trash will not be discharged in connection with the camping activities, except into appropriate sewage or trash disposal facilities; and

3. The activity will not subject the neighbors to excessive noise or unpleasant visual effects.

B. The city manager may devise an application form and the city council, by resolution, may establish fees for such applications. The fees shall not exceed the amount reasonably estimated to cover the costs of processing the application and police any permitted activities. (Ord. 528 § 3, 1982)