Chapter 12.48


12.48.010    Dogs prohibited.

12.48.020    Diving and jumping prohibited.

12.48.030    Tying boats to wharf, prohibited.

12.48.040    Overhead casting prohibited.

12.48.050    Vehicles prohibited.

12.48.060    Burning prohibited.

12.48.070    Wharf trespassing prohibited.

12.48.080    Water skiing and jet skiing prohibited.

12.48.090    Jet skiing near beach prohibited.

12.48.100    Boat speed limits.

12.48.110    Large and motorized vessels prohibited on beaches.

12.48.120    Thirty-minute floating dock limit.

12.48.130    Private volleyball nets prohibited.

12.48.140    Prohibited containers.

12.48.010 Dogs prohibited.

No person may bring a dog on the wharf and no person may allow a dog to go unattended in such a manner that the dog can go upon the Capitola Wharf. (Ord. 523 (part), 1982)

12.48.020 Diving and jumping prohibited.

No person shall dive or jump from the Capitola Wharf. (Ord. 523 (part), 1982)

12.48.030 Tying boats to wharf, prohibited.

No boats, either located within the water or on shore may be tied to the Capitola Wharf. (Ord. 523 (part), 1982)

12.48.040 Overhead casting prohibited.

No person may engage in overhead casting from the Capitola Wharf. (Ord. 523 (part), 1982)

12.48.050 Vehicles prohibited.

Motorized vehicles of all kinds are prohibited on the Capitola Wharf except such vehicles as may have been specifically authorized by the city manager. (Ord. 523 (part), 1982)

12.48.060 Burning prohibited.

Except as herein provided, no person, while on the Capitola Wharf, may burn any substance, including but not limited to charcoal briquets. Exceptions are smoking (pipes, cigarettes, cigars) and cooking by the wharf concessionaires within structures designed for that purpose. (Ord. 535 (part), 1983)

12.48.070 Wharf trespassing prohibited.

Any person who goes upon the Capitola Wharf while it is closed is guilty of an infraction. “Closed,” for purposes of this section, means:

A. Any time during which the city manager, public works director, or any police officer has directed the wharf to be closed for emergency purposes;

B. During hours which the city council has, by resolution, designated as hours when the wharf is to be closed.

City employees and employees of or contractors to the wharf concessionaires are exempt from the prohibitions of this section when on the wharf in those capacities. (Ord. 535 (part), 1983)

12.48.080 Water skiing and jet skiing prohibited.

The following are prohibited within three hundred feet of the Capitola Wharf:

A. Water skiing;

B. Jet skiing;

C. The use of a boat to tow a water skier. (Ord. 535 (part), 1983)

12.48.090 Jet skiing near beach prohibited.

The operation of a jet ski is prohibited within the Capitola city limits. (Ord. 535 (part), 1983)

12.48.100 Boat speed limits.

It is prohibited, within any areas where boat speed limits have been posted, to operate any boat in excess of the posted maximum speed. (Ord. 535 (part), 1983)

12.48.110 Large and motorized vessels prohibited on beaches.

No motor powered boat or other motor powered water vessel, except when powered by an outboard motor having a horsepower rating of five horsepower or less and having an overall length of twelve feet or less, may land upon the beaches of Capitola or be launched from the beaches of Capitola except in cases of clear emergency. (Ord. 665, 1988)

12.48.120 Thirty-minute floating dock limit.

No boat may be tied to the floating dock for more than thirty consecutive minutes, nor for more than thirty minutes in any two-hour period, except as follows:

The city manager may issue permits (such as for the boat mooring taxi service or for special events) when he or she determines that such permits are in the public interest. Any such permit may include conditions or limitations, and may be terminated at the city manager’s discretion. (Ord. 679, 1989; Ord. 678, 1989)

12.48.130 Private volleyball nets prohibited.

During any period of time when one or more city-installed volleyball courts are in place, no private person may, without city council approval, permanently or temporarily set up a volleyball net on any city beach except on supporting posts installed by the city. (Ord. 890 § 1, 2005; Ord. 730, 1992)

12.48.140 Prohibited containers.

Glass containers of any size and alcoholic beverage containers larger than one hundred twenty eight fluid ounces (one U.S. gallon) are prohibited on any public beach. (Ord. 739, 1992)