Chapter 12.60


12.60.010    Trespass on public transit facilities.

12.60.020    Violation – Penalty.

12.60.010 Trespass on public transit facilities.

Every person who enters or remains on or in a public transit facility (including, without limitation, a metro center, transfer center, or passenger boarding or deboarding facility, or bus owned or operated by Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District) after having been notified by the owner, operator, or other person in charge thereof that consent for such person to enter or remain on or in such facility has been withdrawn is guilty of a trespass and may be prosecuted for the commission of misdemeanor or infraction. Such notification that the owner, operator, or other person in charge has issued a withdrawal of consent for a person to enter or remain on or in a public transit facility shall be given in writing. Such withdrawal of consent shall specify the period of time (not to exceed fourteen consecutive days) and the particular public transit facilities from which the person to whom the notice is given (recipient) shall keep away. Such notice shall also contain a statement informing the recipient that he or she may appeal the issuance of the withdrawal of consent to the issuing person’s superior (hearing officer). The withdrawal of consent shall be stayed pending the conduct of an informal due process hearing on the appeal unless the hearing officer determines that the presence of the recipient will cause a substantial and material threat: (1) to the orderly operation of the public transit facility; or (2) of significant injury to person or property. A withdrawal of consent may be issued only to a person who has (within the issuing person’s presence) violated duly adopted written rules or regulations applicable to a public transit facility or otherwise disrupted the operation of a public transit facility in a manner prescribed by statute or ordinance. (Ord. 653 (part), 1988)

12.60.020 Violation – Penalty.

Any person who violates any provision of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor or infraction and punishable as such. (Ord. 653 (part), 1988)