Chapter 15.12


15.12.010    Trailers on private property.

15.12.010 Trailers on private property.

A. It is unlawful for any person to place, keep or maintain any mobile home on any land within the city without the express permission of the owner of such land; and no persons shall allow or suffer to permit any mobile home to be placed, kept or maintained on any land owned or controlled by him or her except in mobile home park for which a permit has been issued by the building department; except that when only one single-family residence exists on a lot, the occupant of any single-family dwelling may allow not more than one mobile home of a nonpaying guest to be placed, kept or maintained thereon for a period not exceeding sixty days in any period of twelve months by securing a permit as provided in subsection B of this section and otherwise complying with the provisions of this chapter relating thereto.

This section shall not pertain to a single trailer merely stored on any premises and not used for sleeping or living purposes.

B. Any person desiring a permit to place or maintain a single mobile home as provided for in subsection A of this section, shall file with the building department an application therefor within forty-eight hours after said mobile home is placed upon the ground of said single-family dwelling, on a form to be furnished by said department. Said application shall describe the property where said mobile home is to be located, either by street and number or by legal description, shall give the date of expiration of the permit, a statement by the applicant that any toilet in said mobile home will be sealed off so that it cannot be used during the period of its stay on said property and that said trailer will be used solely for its sleeping accommodations. Permits issued under this subsection shall expire sixty days after the date of issuance and no other such permit shall be issued for the same lot or parcel of land during the ten months following such expiration date.

The building official is authorized in the exercise of reasonable discretion to revoke any permit issued pursuant to this section if, after due investigation, he or she determines that the holder thereof has violated any of the provisions of this chapter.

C. Each application for a permit for a single auto trailer as provided for in this section shall be accompanied by a fee of five dollars. (Ord. 791 § 2, 1996; Ord. 305 § 4, 1968)