Chapter 17.09


17.09.010    Zoning map of the city of Capitola.

17.09.010 Zoning map of the city of Capitola.

A. From and after April 27, 1989, the zoning map (see Section 17.06.030) of the city shall be that certain “City of Capitola Zoning Map” which the community development director has filed with the city clerk and the city clerk has certified and dated April 7, 1989.

B. An amendment of the zoning map or of any part, extension, or amendment thereof may be made, and changes in symbols, legends, classifications, notations, references or other matters shown thereon may be made, by the preparation and adoption of a new zoning map or part thereof. Within the coastal zone, revisions of the zoning map shall be subject to the provisions of Section 17.69.120 of this title.

C. Each amendment of the zoning map shall be dated and shall be identified as an amendment to this section of the municipal code.

D. The zoning map, including all amendments hereafter adopted, shall govern the administration and enforcement of all regulations contained in this title and issuance of permits. (Ord. 677 § 14, 1989; Ord. 388 Art. 3, 1975)