Chapter 17.19


17.19.010    Purpose and definition.

17.19.020    Use permits.

17.19.010 Purpose and definition.

The TRO transient rental use overlay district is an overlay district. This means that all regulations of the underlaying basic zoning district (R-1 or R-M) are applicable to any property located in the TRO district, except that transient rental use, as defined in Section 17.03.686 may be allowed pursuant to Section 17.19.020. (Ord. 708 § 3, 1991)

17.19.020 Use permits.

Properties in TRO districts may apply for conditional use permits to operate as a transient rental use. In addition to such conditions as may be imposed pursuant to Chapter 17.60 (conditional use permits), all such permits shall be subject to the following standard conditions:

A. The maximum number of persons that may occupy the unit shall be determined by the planning commission and may not be exceeded.

B. Adequate parking (as determined by the planning commission), whether on site or by Pacific Cove parking permit, must be provided.

C. The conditional use permit holder must designate a person who has authority to control the property and represent the landlord. This “responsible person” must be available at all reasonable times to receive and act on complaints about the activities of the tenants.

D. A business license and transient occupancy tax registration must be obtained.

E. Only one sign per unit, not to exceed one square foot in size, shall be permitted to advertise the transient rental.

F. No unit may be rented unless the renter is provided, in writing, with a statement of the conditions (such as is provided in subsection A of this section) which are applicable to the renter and his or her guests, and the renter agrees, in writing, to comply with those conditions.

G. Permits issued under this section shall expire within one year. No permit holder shall have a vested right to a renewal permit.

H. If there is a history of the permit holder or his or her tenants violating the permit’s conditions, the permit shall not be reissued for a least one year following its expiration date, unless good cause is shown. The revoking authority may establish a longer period before which another application may be filed. (Ord. 708 § 3, 1991)