Chapter 17.29


17.29.010    Applicability.

17.29.020    Description and purpose.

17.29.030    Architectural and site review required.

17.29.040    Principal permitted uses.

17.29.050    Conditional uses.

17.29.060    Property development standards.

17.29.070    New Brighton State Beach special development standards.

17.29.010 Applicability.

The regulations set forth in this chapter apply in all parks and open space districts. (Ord. 677 § 16 (part), 1989)

17.29.020 Description and purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide a zone for those areas which:

A. Are to be set aside or have been previously set aside as permanent scenic easements, forest preserves, riparian corridors, public waterfront or beach areas, public parks, or similar public open space; or

B. Are to be set aside by the owners as buffer areas separating district from recreational, open space/scenic or natural resource areas; or

C. Should be retained in their existing and undeveloped open character because of excessive danger from flood, fire and erosion. (Ord. 677 § 16 (part), 1989)

17.29.030 Architectural and site review required.

Architectural and site approval as provided in Chapter 17.63 of this code shall be secured for the establishment and conduct of any principal permitted, accessory or conditional use in parks and open space districts. (Ord. 677 § 16 (part), 1989)

17.29.040 Principal permitted uses.

The principal permitted uses for parks and open space districts are: publicly-owned recreation areas, parks, playgrounds, wildlife preserves, forest preserves, waterfront areas, and such building, structures and parking facilities as are related and incidental thereto. (Ord. 691 § 3, 1990; Ord. 677 § 16 (part), 1989)

17.29.050 Conditional uses.

Conditional use permits are required in the P/OS district, subject to Chapter 17.60 for buildings, accessory to any permitted use, which are to be used for commercial purposes. (Ord. 677 § 16 (part), 1989)

17.29.060 Property development standards.

The development standards for parks and open space districts are:

A. Architectural and site review committee approval is required for all buildings and structures which are accessory to permitted uses of the land;

B. Any structure or use or removal of any vegetation or natural materials that, in the opinion of the planning commission, would defeat the purpose of this district is prohibited;

C. Development in this district shall be subordinate to its recreational, scenic, or natural resource purpose consistent with all applicable local coastal program policies. Natural resource protection shall include protection of arroyos, creeks and riparian corridors, woodlands and other environmentally sensitive habitats; and

D. No new permanent structures shall be permitted on the open, sandy beach area of Capitola except for facilities required for public health and safety (i.e., lifeguard stands, approved beach erosion control structures). (Ord. 677 § 16 (part), 1989)

17.29.070 New Brighton State Beach special development standards.

Special development standards for New Brighton Beach include:

A. Designated Uses. Active/passive open space, public recreational facilities, visitor accommodations/campgrounds: three units/gross area.

B. Development shall be subordinate to its recreational uses and protect natural resources, including special attention to riparian corridors, woodlands and critical habitat. (Ord. 677 § 16 (part), 1989)