Chapter 17.42


17.42.010    Applicability.

17.42.020    Purpose.

17.42.030    Architectural and site review.

17.42.040    Principal permitted uses.

17.42.050    Accessory uses.

17.42.060    Conditional uses.

17.42.070    Development standards.

17.42.080    Height regulations and lot coverage.

17.42.090    Lot area.

17.42.100    Yards.

17.42.110    Parking.

17.42.120    Loading area.

17.42.130    Landscaping.

17.42.010 Applicability.

A. The regulations set forth in this chapter apply in all PF districts.

B. In the coastal zone, in addition to the regulations set forth in this chapter, for consistency with the Capitola parking program, the following PF districts shall be maintained for public parking: the Pacific Cove parking lot; the Cliff Drive overlook parking and the Cliff Drive Southern Pacific RR right-of-way parking unless Cliff Drive must be relocated due to cliff erosion. Changes in public facilities in the coastal zone will require LUP amendment. (Ord. 941 § 1, 2009; Ord. 691 § 4, 1990: Ord. 685 § 1, 1989: Ord. 388 § 14.01, 1975)

17.42.020 Purpose.

This district is designed to accommodate governmental, public utility and educational facilities and to provide that they be compatible and harmonious with the districts which they adjoin. (Ord. 388 § 14.02, 1975)

17.42.030 Architectural and site review.

An architectural and site approval shall be secured for the establishment and conduct of any use in PF districts as provided in Chapter 17.63. (Ord. 388 § 14.03, 1975)

17.42.040 Principal permitted uses.

The following are principal permitted uses in a PF district:

A. All facilities owned, leased or operated by the city, the county, the state, the government of the United States, the school district or any other district;

B. Public or private schools and colleges and universities, and facilities incidental or appurtenant thereto. (Ord. 388 § 14.04, 1975)

17.42.050 Accessory uses.

The following are accessory uses permitted in PF district:

A. Signs complying with the applicable regulations set forth in the sign ordinance;

B. Accessory uses and buildings customarily appurtenant to a permitted use. (Ord. 388 § 14.05, 1975)

17.42.060 Conditional uses.

The following are conditional uses in a PF district, subject in each case to the securing of a use permit, as provided in Chapter 17.60:

A. The facilities of all public utilities, as defined by the Public Utilities Code of the state of California and corporations or other organizations whose activities are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission or the Interstate Commerce Commission;

B. Any activity which includes any significant alteration of an historic feature. (Ord. 515 § 5 (part), 1982; Ord. 388 § 14.06, 1975)

17.42.070 Development standards.

The minimum development standards set forth in Sections 17.42.080 through 17.42.130 are established as a guide to the issuance of an architectural and site approval; subject, in each case, to more restrictive requirements as may be appropriate in order to ensure harmony with adjacent uses of land. (Ord. 388 § 14.07 (part), 1975)

17.42.080 Height regulations and lot coverage.

Building height and lot coverage as determined by architectural and site review. (Ord. 388 § 14.07(a), 1975)

17.42.090 Lot area.

There shall be no specific minimum lot area required except that there shall be sufficient area to satisfy any landscaping, off-street parking and loading requirements. (Ord. 388 § 14.07(b), 1975)

17.42.100 Yards.

The front, side and rear yard shall be as determined by architectural and site review. (Ord. 388 514.07(c), 1975)

17.42.110 Parking.

Parking standards shall be as provided in Chapter 17.51. (Ord. 388 § 14.07(d), 1975)

17.42.120 Loading area.

Loading areas shall be as provided in Chapter 17.51. (Ord. 388 § 14.07(e), 1975)

17.42.130 Landscaping.

Landscaping shall be such as to ensure harmony with adjacent residential districts in accordance with architectural and site approval procedures. (Ord. 388 § 14.07(f), 1975)