Chapter 17.45


17.45.010    Applicability.

17.45.020    Purpose.

17.45.030    Establishment criteria.

17.45.040    Use permits.

17.45.050    Architectural and site review.

17.45.010 Applicability.

The following regulations shall apply in all automatic review districts and, except as provided in this chapter, shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 17.60. (Ord. 388 § 15.01, 1975)

17.45.020 Purpose.

A. It is the intent of this chapter to fulfill the general plan in those special cases where no other zoning district could effectively accomplish this same task. It is not the intent of this chapter to grant development privileges beyond the guidelines of the general plan.

B. Within the coastal zone, the AR district is an overlay district wherein the uses and intensities shall be consistent with the underlying basic zoning district, except that due to constraints, additional conservation is needed to fulfill the goals of the local coastal program land use plan. (Ord. 685 § 3, 1989; Ord. 388 § 15.02, 1975)

17.45.030 Establishment criteria.

In order to establish a particular AR district, at least one of the following findings must be made:

A. That the current zoning classification for the area is not best suited to fulfill the goals of the general plan;

B. That due to timing, parcel size, parcel shape, topography, makes the proposed district a special case, no other zoning district classification is appropriate. (Ord. 388 § 15.03, 1975)

17.45.040 Use permits.

Use permits in AR districts are required for all except agricultural uses, subject to Chapter 17.60. The general plan shall be the principle guiding element in considering the use permit application. A use permit maybe granted if the following findings can be made:

A. That the proposed use is consistent with the general plan;

B. That the proposed use will not be detrimental to the health, safety, peace, morals, comfort and general welfare of the neighborhood and the city. (Ord. 388 § 15.04, 1975)

17.45.050 Architectural and site review.

Architectural and site approval shall be secured for any use in an AR district. (Ord. 388 § 15.05, 1975)