Chapter 1.08


1.08.110    City Base or Datum.

1.08.110 City Base or Datum.

A. The City base or datum shall be sea level according to the United States Geodetic Survey, especially its “bench mark,” which consists of a one and one-half-inch pipe, 20 inches long, capped with metal cap, set in a column of concrete six inches in diameter, located on Ocean Avenue in the City, 49 feet south of the north side of Ocean Avenue, and 117 feet west of the westerly side of Dolores Street. The top of the metal cap shall be 211.87 feet above sea level according to the United States Geodetic Survey Datum.

B. The numbers used in this chapter, when their meaning is not shown to be otherwise by the immediate context, mean the number of feet which at the point designated the top of the curb shall be above the City base or datum plane. (Ord. 70 C.S. § 1, 1963).