Division 7. Signs

9167.1 Signs.

In no case shall a lighted sign or lighting device thereof be so placed or directed so as to permit the beams and illumination therefrom to be directed or beamed upon a public street, walkway or adjacent premises so as to cause glare or reflection that may constitute a traffic hazard or nuisance.

When signs are constructed with two (2) or more faces, all faces may be used except as otherwise specified in this Chapter; provided, that the total sign face area shall be considered to be the sum of the areas of the faces.

Any sign which does not conform to the provisions of this Chapter shall be made to conform or shall be removed as provided in Division 2 of Part 8 of this Chapter.

All signs shall be maintained in good repair, including display surfaces which shall be kept neatly painted or pasted.

Any person, firm or corporation violating any provisions of this Section shall be guilty of an infraction and shall be punishable as provided in Chapter 2 of Article I of this Code. (Ord. 79-479, § 10)

9167.2 Exempt Signs.

The provisions of this Chapter regulating signs shall not apply to the following signs except as otherwise indicated herein:

A. Official notices issued by any court, public body, or public officer.

B. Notices posted by any public officer in performance of a public duty, or for any person in giving legal notices.

C. Traffic, directional, warning or informational signs required or authorized by the public authority having jurisdiction.

D. Official signs used for emergency purposes only.

E. Permanent memorial or historical signs, plaques or markers.

F. Public utility signs, provided such signs do not exceed three (3) square feet in sign face area.

9167.3 Prohibited Signs.

The following advertising signs shall be prohibited in all zones:

A. “A” frame or “sandwich board” signs.

B. Flashing or scintillating signs. (Ord. 80-513, § 3)

C. Revolving signs.

D. Devices dispensing bubbles and free-floating particles of matter.

E. Any notice, placard, bill, card, poster, sticker, banner, sign, advertising, or any device calculated to attract the attention of the public which any person posts, prints, sticks, stamps, tacks or otherwise affixes or causes the same to be done to or upon any public street, walkway, crosswalk, or right-of-way, curb, lamp post, hydrant, tree, telephone, lighting system, or any fixture of the police or fire alarm system.

F. Devices projecting, or otherwise reproducing, the image of an advertising sign or message or any surface or object.

G. Signs which project into an existing or future street right-of-way.

H. Signs, affixed to a building, which project above the height of a building wall or roof fascia.

I. Signs, Flags, Streamers, Etc., on Vehicles. No real estate advertising sign or open house sign, and no flag, streamer, pennant, lead-in, or directional sign, or similar sign that is not permanently affixed to a vehicle, shall be placed in or upon any vehicle, trailer or other device that is parked on a public street, right-of-way, or place for the purpose of drawing attention to any property for sale, lease or rent. No person owning or having possession or control of any vehicle shall permit a vehicle to be used for such purpose. (Ord. 15-1563, §§ 9, 10)

9167.6 Tobacco and Alcoholic Beverage Outdoor Billboard Advertisements.

Repealed by Ord. 12-1500. (Ord. 98-1140, § 2)

9167.7 Substitution Clause.

Any sign authorized by Article IX (Planning and Zoning) of the Carson Municipal Code may contain noncommercial copy in lieu of any other copy. Signs containing noncommercial copy are subject to the same time, place, and manner restrictions as business signs. (Ord. 15-1563, § 11)

9167.8 Removal of Unauthorized Signs from the Public Right-of-Way.

The Director may summarily and without prior notice remove any unauthorized sign in the public right-of-way that is placed in violation of any of the provisions of the Carson Municipal Code. Provided, that the owner of the sign appears on the face of the sign, the Director may mail written notice within forty-eight (48) hours after such removal to the sign’s owner or agent.

The Director shall release any sign removed pursuant to this Section to the owner thereof upon payment of a per-sign fee, as determined by City Council resolution, for the removal and keeping of the sign. If the sign is not claimed within ten (10) days after removal, the Director shall order the destruction of the sign. (Ord. 15-1563, § 12)