Title 8


8.04    Food Handling Law Generally

8.08    Food Handlers’ Permits

8.12    Food Handlers’ Registration Cards

8.16    Food Handling Regulations

8.18    Food Caterers and Catering Equipment Rentals

8.20    Food Vendors

8.21    Wholesale Food Warehouses

8.22    Regulation of Smoking in Public Places, Affordable Housing Projects and Places of Employment

8.23    Solid Waste and Recycling Contract or Franchise

8.24    Solid Waste and Litter

8.25    Recycling

8.26    Alcoholic Beverage Warning Signs

8.27    Training in Responsible Alcoholic Beverage Service Required for On-Sale Licensees and Employees

8.28    Mosquito and Fly Breeding Places

8.32    Weed Abatement

8.34    Regulation of Hazardous Materials

8.36    Medical Wastes

*    CROSS REFERENCES: Building and Construction, see CVMC Title 15. Water and Sewers, see CVMC Title 13. Environmental Quality, see CVMC Title 17. Performance Standards, see Ch. 19.66 CVMC.