Title 9


I. Offenses by or Against Government

9.04    False Reports

9.05    Emergency Response Cost Recovery

9.06    Security Alarms

II. Offenses Against Persons

9.08    Assault

9.09    Truancy

III. Offenses Against Decency

9.11    Fraternal Benefit Society Gamerooms

9.12    Gambling

9.13    Sexually Oriented Businesses and Sexually Oriented Licensing for Designated Individuals

9.14    Alcohol, Marijuana, or Other Controlled Substance Consumption by Minors

9.15    Possession of Intoxicants in Parking Lots

IV. Disorderly Conduct

9.16    Disorderly Conduct – Sale of Intoxicants – Burning Objects in Public Places

9.17    Drug Paraphernalia – Prohibited

V. Offenses Against Property

9.18    Rental of Housing for Drug Activity

9.19    Offenses Against Property

9.20    Property Defacement

VI. Consumer Protection

9.21    Charitable Solicitations

9.22    Repealed

9.23    Retail Sale and Distribution of Novelty Lighters

9.24    Distribution of Psychoactive Bath Salts, Psychoactive Herbal Incense and Like Products a Public Nuisance

9.28    Minors’ Curfew

VII. (Reserved)

VIII. Weapons

9.32    Minors’ Possession of Guns

9.36    Discharging Weapons

IX. Mobilehome Park Residence Protection

9.40    Housing Assistance

9.50    Mobilehome Park Space Rent Review

9.60    Sale of Mobilehome Parks

X. Environmental Protection and Conservation

9.70    Water Conservation Measures

XI. Sexual Offenses

9.80    Sex Offender Residency Registration and Restrictions