Title 10


10.04    General Provisions

10.08    Definitions

10.12    Traffic Administration

10.16    Enforcement of Traffic Laws

10.20    Accident Reports

10.24    Traffic Control Devices

10.28    Driving Rules

10.30    Speed Contests

10.32    Through Streets and Stop Intersections

10.36    Yield Right-of-Way Streets

10.40    Turning Movements

10.44    One-Way Streets and Alleys

10.48    Speed Regulations

10.52    Stopping, Standing and Parking

10.56    Parking Meters, Parking Meter Zones and Permit Parking

10.60    Loading Zones

10.62    Parking Violations and Enforcement

10.64    Truck Routes

10.68    Car Sharing Program and Permit

10.72    Bicycles

10.76    Pedestrians

10.80    Abandoned Vehicles

10.84    Parking Restricted on Private Property

10.86    Permit Parking in Residential Zones

10.87    Residential Permit Parking Districts

*    Code reviser’s note: The substantive regulations pertaining to parking and traffic control schedules are maintained in the office of the city engineer and the police department.