Sec. 100. Name and Boundaries.

The City of Chula Vista shall be a municipal corporation under the name of “City of Chula Vista”. The boundaries of the City shall be the boundaries established by law.

Sec. 101. Succession, Rights and Liabilities.

The City of Chula Vista shall own, possess and control all rights and property of every kind and nature owned, possessed or controlled by it and shall be subject to all its debts, obligations and liabilities.

Sec. 102. Ordinances.

All lawful ordinances, resolutions and regulations, or portions thereof, in force at the time this Charter takes effect, and not in conflict or inconsistent therewith, are hereby continued in force until the same shall have been duly repealed, amended, changed or superseded by proper authority.

Sec. 103. Continuance of Contracts.

All contracts entered into by the City, or for its benefit, prior to the effective date of this Charter, shall continue in full force and effect.

Sec. 104. Effective Date of Charter.

The effective date of this Charter is December 15, 1949, and totally revised pursuant to direction of the voters on June 6, 1978.