Sec. 1200. Granting of Franchises.

Any person, firm or corporation furnishing the City or its inhabitants with transportation, communication, terminal facilities, water, light, heat, gas, power, refrigeration, storage or other public utility or service, or using the public streets, ways, alleys, or places for the operation of plants, works, or equipment for the furnishing thereof or traversing any portion of the City for the transmitting or conveying of any such service elsewhere, may be required by ordinance to have valid and existing franchises therefor. The City Council is empowered to grant such franchise to any person, firm or corporation, whether operating under an existing franchise or not. The City Council may prescribe the terms and conditions of any such grant. It may also provide by procedural ordinance, the method of procedure and additional terms and conditions of such grants, or the making thereof, subject to the provisions of this Charter. Nothing in this section or elsewhere in this article shall apply to the City, or any department thereof, when furnishing any such utility or service.

Sec. 1201. Resolution of Intention. Notice and Public Hearing.

Before granting any franchise, the City Council shall pass a resolution declaring its intention to grant the same, stating the name of the proposed grantee, the character of the franchise and the terms and conditions upon which it is proposed to be granted. Such resolution shall fix and set forth the day, hour and place when and where any persons having any interest therein or any objection to the granting thereof may appear before the City Council and be heard thereon. It shall direct the City Clerk to publish said resolution at least once, within fifteen days of the passage thereof, in the official newspaper. Said notice shall be published at least ten days prior to the date of hearing.

At the time set for the hearing, the City Council shall proceed to hear and pass upon all protests and modify the proposed terms and conditions, if desired, and its decision thereon shall be final and conclusive. Thereafter, it may grant or deny the franchise on the terms and conditions specified in the resolution of intention to grant the same, or as modified, subject to the right of referendum of the people.

Sec. 1202. Term of Franchise.

Every franchise, other than an indeterminate franchise, shall state the term for which it is granted, which shall not exceed twenty-five years.

A franchise grant may be indeterminate, that is to say, it may provide that it shall endure in full force and effect until the same, with the consent of the Public Utilities Commission of the State of California, shall be voluntarily surrendered or abandoned by its possessor, or until the State of California, or some municipal or public corporation, thereunto duly authorized by law, shall purchase, or shall condemn and take under the power of eminent domain, all property actually used and useful in the exercise of such franchise and situate within the territorial limits of the state, municipal or public corporation purchasing or condemning such property, or until the franchise shall be forfeited for noncompliance with its terms by the possessor thereof.

Sec. 1203. Grant to be in Lieu of all Other Franchises.

Any franchise granted by the City hereunder with respect to any given utility service shall be in lieu of all other franchises, rights or privileges owned by the grantee, or by any successor of the grantee to any right under such franchise granted hereunder, for the rendering of such utility service within the limits of the City as they now or may hereafter exist, except any franchise derived under Section 19 of Article XI of the Constitution of California as said section existed prior to the amendment thereof adopted October 10, 1911. The acceptance of any franchise hereunder shall operate as an abandonment of all such other franchises, rights and privileges within the limits of the City as such limits shall at any time exist.

Any franchise granted hereunder shall not become effective until written acceptance thereof shall have been filed by the Grantee thereof with the City Clerk. Such acceptance shall be filed within ten days after the adoption of the ordinance granting the franchise, or any extension thereof granted by the City Council, and when so filed, such acceptance shall constitute a continuing agreement of such grantee that if and when the City shall thereafter annex, or consolidate with, additional territory, any and all franchises, rights and privileges owned by the grantee therein, except a franchise derived under said Constitutional provision, shall likewise be deemed to be abandoned within the limits of such territory. No grant of any franchise may be transferred or assigned by the grantee except by consent in writing of the City Council and unless the transferee or assignees thereof shall covenant and agree to perform and be bound by each and all of the terms and conditions imposed in the grant or by procedural ordinance and by this Charter.

Sec. 1204. Eminent Domain.

No franchise grant shall in any way, or to any extent, impair or affect the right of the City to acquire the property of the grantee thereof either by purchase or through the exercise of the right of eminent domain, and nothing therein contained shall be construed to contract away or to codify or to abridge, either for a term or in perpetuity, the City’s right of eminent domain with respect to any public utility.

Sec. 1205. Duties of Grantees.

By its acceptance of any franchise hereunder, the grantee shall covenant and agree to perform and be bound by each and all of the terms and conditions imposed in the grant, or by procedural ordinance and shall further agree to:

(a) Comply with all lawful ordinances, rules and regulations theretofore or thereafter adopted by the City Council in the exercise of its police power governing the construction, maintenance and operation of its plants, works or equipment;

(b) Pay to the City on demand the cost of all repairs to public property made necessary by any of the operations of the grantee under such franchise;

(c) Indemnify and hold harmless the City and its officers from any and all liability for damages proximately resulting from any operations under such franchise;

(d) Remove and relocate without expense to the City any facilities installed, used and maintained under the franchise if and when made necessary by any lawful change of grade, alignment or width of any public street, way, alley or place, including the construction of any subway or viaduct or if the public health, comfort, welfare, convenience or safety so demands; and

(e) Pay to the City during the life of the franchise a percentage to be specified in the grant of the gross annual receipts of the grantee within the limits of the City, or such other compensation as the City Council may prescribe in the grant.

Sec. 1206. Exercising Rights without Franchise.

The exercise by any person, firm, or corporation of any privilege for which a franchise is required, without possessing a valid and existing franchise therefor, shall be an infraction and shall be punishable in the same manner as violations of this Charter are punishable and each day that such condition continues to exist shall constitute a separate violation.