Chapter 9.74


9.74.010    Purpose of chapter.

9.74.020    Application.

9.74.010 Purpose of chapter.

A.    The U-C Planned Urban Center District is intended to encourage the effective and timely development of land for urban center purposes in accordance with the objectives of the General Plan, specific plan and/or master plan.

B.    It is the intent of this district to provide for urban center commercial, service and residential facilities in a planned center which encourages innovative design solutions and which will result in an environment superior to that possible under conventional commercial zoning.

C.    In the U-C District, any and all uses customarily associated with urban centers shall be permitted provided they are shown on the development plan approved by the Council. Additionally, special uses may be approved where the Council makes the finding that the use is in keeping with other uses within the U-C District. The categories of use shown on the development plan shall include, but not be limited to, the following: amusements, entertainment, recreation, grocery stores, food stores, personal or business services, hotels or motels, auto services or repair, professional offices, restaurants, general retail, durable goods retail, and financial institutions, governmental uses, religious or service organizations, and residential uses. Such use categories are taken from the Clovis Business License Classification Manual adopted by the Council as part of the business license ordinance.

D.    It is not the intent of this section to require the specific listing of a business or other uses beyond the general category of use, i.e., commercial, office, service, residential. The differentiation of categories is intended to separate uses which have significantly different parking requirements or require special design consideration.

E.    A conditional use permit shall be required for any change in use category from that approved by the Council under the development plan. Conditional use permit applications shall be processed in accordance with Chapter 64 of this title (Conditional Use Permits) (§ 2, Ord. 14-13, eff. October 8, 2014; § 1(2) (Att. A), Ord. 23-05, eff. August 9, 2023)

9.74.020 Application.

Application for the establishment of the U-C District shall be in the same manner as provided for in Chapter 76 of this title (Planned Commercial Center). (§ 2, Ord. 14-13, eff. October 8, 2014)