Chapter 4D


4D-1.    Declaration of legislative intent.

4D-2.    Referral to county collector.

4D-3.    Determination of ability to pay.

4D-4.    Cost.

4D-5.    Collection.

4D-6.    Payment schedule.

4D-1 Declaration of legislative intent.

The board of supervisors of the county has determined that the time and expense of providing probation services to criminal defendants constitutes a substantial impact on county discretionary funds. Having been apprized of the passage of AB 1263 (an act amending Section 1203.1b of the California Penal Code), the board of supervisors does hereby elect to seek reimbursement for the costs of probation services by enacting this chapter as required by subdivision (e) of Section 1203.1b of the Penal Code. (Ord. No. 512, (part); Ord. No. 692 (part).)

4D-2 Referral to county collector.

The Colusa County collector is directed to receive referrals from the superior court concerning costs of probation services and to process those referrals in accordance with the provisions of Section 1203.1b of the Penal Code. (Ord. No. 512, (part); Ord. No. 692 (part).)

4D-3 Determination of ability to pay.

The court, pursuant to Section 1203.1b of the Penal Code, may, after a hearing, make a determination of the ability of a probationer to pay all or a portion of the reasonable cost of probation and of conducting the presentence investigation and preparing the presentence report. At the court’s request, the treasurer-tax collector may provide assistance to the court as necessary to determine the person’s ability to pay as defined in Penal Code Section 1203.1(b). (Ord. No. 692 (part).)

4D-4 Cost.

The following costs for probation department services are set:

Original Report/Presentence/Felony


Original Report/Presentence/Misdemeanor


Supplemental Report/Felony or Misdemeanor


Diversion Report


Alternative Work Program – Interview

$ 35.00

Work Release Program – Interview

$ 35.00

Work Release Program – Daily Rate

$ 10.00

(Ord. No. 692 (part).)

4D-5 Collection.

The chief probation officer shall collect any costs ordered to be paid by the court. (Ord. No. 692 (part).)

4D-6 Payment schedule.

The chief probation officer shall prepare a payment schedule for reimbursement of the costs of presentence investigation, presentence report and probation supervision and reports, which payment schedule shall be approved by the presiding judge of the superior court. (Ord. No. 692 (part).)