Chapter 6.05


6.05.010    Livestock on streets.

6.05.010 Livestock on streets.

It shall be unlawful for any horse, mule, ass, kine, hog, sheep, or goat to run at large or to be herded or tied for the purpose of grazing within the city limits in any street, lane, avenue, alley, court, or public place, or any property under the control of the city, and for any person, for any purpose, to drive, herd, or leave standing and untied any livestock upon any of the public ways or places as aforesaid in the city, except that the person has the livestock safely in his control by sufficiently strong lines, halter, harness, rope, or other means of driving, leading, holding, tying, or hitching the livestock; and for the owner of any of the livestock to permit any of his livestock to run at large or be herded, tied, or driven, left standing and untied as aforesaid, except that the livestock be safely in the control, as aforesaid, of some competent person.

(Code 1965, § 4125; Code 2002, § 10-1. Ord. No. 36; Ord. No. 235)