Chapter 12.30


12.30.010    Purpose.

12.30.020    System and basis for numbering.

12.30.030    Posting of addresses on buildings.

12.30.040    Assignment of addresses.

12.30.050    Changes of existing addresses.

12.30.060    Multi-unit buildings and complexes.

12.30.070    Penalty.

Cross references: Streets, sidewalks, and other public places, Title 12.

12.30.010 Purpose.

It is the purpose and intent of this article and in the interest of the public health, safety, and welfare to provide an orderly building numbering system and to ensure that emergency services, as well as other services and utilities, will not encounter any difficulty or delay in locating buildings in the city.

(Code 1965, § 9500; Code 2002, § 14-331. Ord. No. 920; Ord. No. 86-16)

12.30.020 System and basis for numbering.

The system for addressing properties in the city shall be based upon a modification to a proposed central county numbering system. Contra Costa Boulevard connected to Freeway #680 comprises the north-south zero base line and Ygnacio Valley Road connected to Freeway #24 comprises the east-west zero base line. The addresses increase to the east and to the north with the intersection of Salvio Street, Galindo Street, and Concord Avenue being the 2000 block in both directions.

(Code 1965, § 9501; Code 2002, § 14-332. Ord. No. 920; Ord. No. 86-16)

12.30.030 Posting of addresses on buildings.

Each building shall have numbers indicating the address, which numbers will be a minimum of three inches in height and placed on the building in such a manner that the number is visually unobstructed from the public right-of-way. If the building is located more than 50 feet from the public right-of-way which allows access to the property, the number should also be posted at the driveway entry to the property from the public right-of-way. Such address sign should not be more than three feet in height and one square foot in area.

(Code 1965, § 9502; Code 2002, § 14-333. Ord. No. 920; Ord. No. 86-11)

12.30.040 Assignment of addresses.

The city shall maintain a policy and procedure setting forth guidelines for the assignment of addresses.

(Code 1965, § 9503; Code 2002, § 14-334. Ord. No. 86-11)

12.30.050 Changes of existing addresses.

If existing addresses do not conform to the city’s numbering system or if addresses are inconsistent with valid addresses in the vicinity, the city may change such nonconforming addresses. In the event addresses are to be changed, affected owners and residents shall be given reasonable notice prior to the effective date of the address change in order to allow sufficient time to notify correspondents, subscriptions, etc.

(Code 1965, § 9504; Code 2002, § 14-335. Ord. No. 920; Ord. No. 86-16)

12.30.060 Multi-unit buildings and complexes.

Any building or group of buildings consisting of three or more units shall have installed, at each public entrance and along each public street, a directory-type site plan sufficient to provide orientation and direction to each unit within that building or complex.

(Code 1965, § 9505; Code 2002, § 14-336. Ord. No. 920; Ord. No. 86-11; Ord. No. 86-16)

12.30.070 Penalty.

It shall be unlawful for any person to fail to comply with the provisions of this article.

(Code 1965, § 9506; Code 2002, § 14-337. Ord. No. 920)