Chapter 15.70


15.70.010    Fire protection district.

15.70.020    Fireworks.

15.70.030    Gunpowder.

Cross references: Administration, Title 2; buildings and building regulations, Title 15; fire code, § 15.65.010 et seq.; civil emergencies, Ch. 2.30; burning of solid waste in public places prohibited, § 8.20.150; burning solid waste on private property, § 8.20.160; subdivisions requirements for fire hydrants, § 94-42.

15.70.010 Fire protection district.

The city is embraced and included within the Contra Costa County Fire District, State of California.

(Code 1965, § 3100; Code 2002, § 30-1. Ord. No. 702)

15.70.020 Fireworks.

(a) Prohibitions. It shall be unlawful for any person to possess, transfer, manufacture, offer for sale, use, or discharge any fireworks (including “dangerous, safe, and sane” and other fireworks as defined in or pursuant to Health and Safety Code §§ 12502--12504); provided, however, that the City Council may, at any time, order or permit the public display of fireworks by qualified individuals under the direct supervision of experts in the handling of fireworks, provided such display shall be of such a character, so located and discharged, or fired as in the opinion of the Consolidated Fire District authorities as to not be hazardous to the surrounding property or dangerous to any person.

(b) Exemption. The possession, transport, sale, and use of highway fuses (red flares) as a railroad and highway warning device are exempt from the provisions of this section.

(Code 1965, § 3101; Code 2002, § 30-2. Ord. No. 687; Ord. No. 818; Ord. No. 976)

15.70.030 Gunpowder.

No person shall permit the storage of, or keep for sale, within the city limits, any gunpowder, giant or blasting powder in larger quantities than 50 pounds. Caps of the type used for detonating explosives shall not be brought into the city nor stored anywhere therein without prior approval of Fire District authorities. All powder must be kept in copper cases within six feet and at the righthand side of the front entrance to the building where the same is kept. Provided, however, that this section shall not apply to loaded cartridges or shells or powder in shells.

(M.C. § 89; Code 1965, § 3102; Code 2002, § 30-3. Ord. No. 687; Ord. No. 818)