Chapter 1.82


1.82.010    Purpose.

1.82.020    Filing fees.

1.82.030    Disposition of fees.

1.82.010 Purpose.

To offset the costs in processing nomination papers for elective office, the City is authorized to impose a filing fee proportionate to the costs of processing a candidate’s nomination paper. (EC § 22843) (Ord. 1787)

1.82.020 Filing fees.

A. A filing fee of $25.00 is hereby established for processing a candidate’s nomination papers for any elective office at municipal elections held in the City.

B. Each candidate for elective office shall pay the filing fee at the time the candidate’s nomination papers are filed with the City Clerk.

1.82.030 Disposition of fees.

The City Clerk shall pay to the City Treasurer all filing fees received which shall be deposited in the general fund.