Chapter 2.03


2.03.010    Election and tenure.

2.03.020    Duties.

2.03.030    Compensation.

2.03.010 Election and tenure.

A. Every four years, the electors of the City of Coronado shall elect a Mayor at the general municipal election, consolidated with the Statewide general election.

B. The Mayor shall serve a term of four years. (Ord. 1794)

2.03.020 Duties.

A. The Mayor shall be the presiding officer of the City Council.

B. The Mayor shall preserve strict order and the decorum at all meetings of the City Council.

C. The Mayor shall decide all questions of order, subject, however, to a majority vote of the City Councilmembers present.

D. The Mayor shall serve as the official head of the City for all ceremonial purposes.

E. The Mayor shall perform all duties imposed on the position of Mayor by the laws of the State of California or by ordinance of the City.

F. The Mayor, with the approval of the City Council, shall make all appointments to boards, commissions, and committees.

2.03.030 Compensation.

A. The Mayor shall be entitled to a salary in the amount of $913.50 per month.

B. In addition to reimbursement on demand and consistent with existing policies for extraordinary expenses and out-of-county expenses actually and necessarily incurred in the performance of official duties, the Mayor shall receive a monthly expense allowance of $225.00 for the normal expenses actually and necessarily incurred in the performance of official duty within San Diego County.

C. As used in this section, “normal expenses actually and necessarily incurred” shall mean those costs associated with keeping, maintaining, repairing and fueling a privately owned or leased and reliable automobile for use when conducting official business within San Diego County. (Ord. 2077 § 4, 2018; Ord. 2070 § 2, 2017; Ord. 1979 § 3, 2006)