Chapter 2.38


2.38.010    Board of Appeals established.

2.38.020    Membership.

2.38.030    Meetings.

2.38.040    Duties.

2.38.050    Fees.

2.38.010 Board of Appeals established.

There is hereby established a Board of Appeals. (Ord. 1794)

2.38.020 Membership.

A. The Board of Appeals shall consist of five members appointed by the City Council.

B. Members shall appointed for staggered, three-year terms.

C. Persons appointed to the Board of Appeals shall be qualified by experience and training to pass upon matters pertaining to building construction.

2.38.030 Meetings.

A. The meetings of the Board of Appeals shall be held in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, as required to render a determination of an appeal.

B. Three members of the Board of Appeals shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

2.38.040 Duties.

Members shall perform those Board of Appeals functions identified in the various Uniform Codes adopted by the City relating to the construction of buildings.

2.38.050 Fees.

To complete the filing of an appeal, the appellant shall pay a fee established, from time to time, by resolution of the City Council.