Chapter 2.58


2.58.010    Library Board of Trustees established.

2.58.020    Membership.

2.58.030    Meetings.

2.58.040    Duties.

2.58.010 Library Board of Trustees established.

There is hereby established the Library Board of Trustees. (Ord. 1794)

2.58.020 Membership.

A. The Library Board of Trustees shall consist of five members appointed by the City Council.

B. The members of the Library Board of Trustees shall be appointed for staggered, three-year terms.

2.58.030 Meetings.

A. The regular meetings of the Library Board of Trustees shall be held at the City’s Public Library or at City Hall at least once a month on a day and at an hour specified and fixed by resolution of the Board.

B. Special meetings may be called at any time by three trustees.

C. Three members of the Library Board of Trustees constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

D. During the first meeting of the Library Board of Trustees in each calendar year, the Board shall select a president, a president pro tem and such other officers as the Board may desire.

2.58.040 Duties.

A. The Library Board of Trustees shall manage the City’s Public Library as provided by State law and this code.

B. The Board shall cause a proper record of its proceedings to be kept.

C. The Board shall report to the City Council and the State Librarian as required by the Education Code (Section 18927).

D. The Board shall exercise its powers to make and enforce rules and regulations, administer trusts, purchase personal property, purchase and utilize real property, request publications, obtain and loan and exchange books, administer funds and do and perform any and all other acts and things necessary or proper to carry out these powers in accordance with the Education Code (Chapter 5 of Part 11).