Chapter 2.59


2.59.010    Library established.

2.59.020    City Librarian.

2.59.030    Library employees.

2.59.010 Library established.

There is confirmed the existence of the City’s Public Library which shall be considered as having been established under the provisions of the Education Code (Section 18900 et seq.). (Ord. 1794)

2.59.020 City Librarian.

A. The Director of Library Services shall serve as the City Librarian. The Library Board of Trustees shall delegate the power to appoint and remove the Director of Library Services to the City Manager.

B. The Library Board of Trustees shall delegate the power to prescribe the Director of Library Services’ duties and powers to the City Manager. (Ord. 2089 § 5, 2019)

2.59.030 Library employees.

A. All Library employees shall be subject to appointment, removal, promotion and demotion by the Director of Library Services.

B. The compensation for all Library employees shall be fixed through classification by the City Council.

C. All Library employees shall be in the classified service as established by this code and are subject to the rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission. (Ord. 2089 § 6, 2019)