Chapter 2.62


2.62.010    Parks and Recreation Commission established.

2.62.020    Membership.

2.62.030    Meetings.

2.62.040    Duties.

2.62.050    Form of Commission recommendations.

2.62.010 Parks and Recreation Commission established.

The Parks and Recreation Commission is hereby established. (Ord. 1794)

2.62.020 Membership.

A. The Commission shall consist of no less than five members appointed by the City Council.

B. Members of the Parks and Recreation Commission shall serve staggered, three-year terms.

C. If at any time it should be deemed advisable and for the best interest of the City, the City Council may appoint additional members, not to exceed seven in all, to serve on the Commission.

D. The City Council shall appoint one member of the student body of the Coronado High School to sit with the Commission. The student representative shall provide input into parks and recreation issues but shall not have a vote and shall not be considered a Commissioner for quorum purposes. The student representative shall serve for a single term of one year, commencing on October 1st, and expiring on September 30th.

2.62.030 Meetings.

A. The regular meetings of the Parks and Recreation Commission shall be held in the City Council Chambers of City Hall at least once a month on a day and at an hour specified by resolution of the Parks and Recreation Commission.

B. Three members of the Parks and Recreation Commission constitutes a quorum if there is a five-member panel, or four members of the Parks and Recreation Commission constitutes a quorum if there is a six- or seven-member panel. (Ord. 2044 § 1, 2014)

2.62.040 Duties.

A. The Commission shall investigate, consider, and recommend to the City Council plans and suggestions which tend to promote recreational activity for the people of the City.

B. The Commission shall consider the advisability of establishing, in the City, playgrounds, recreational centers, pleasure piers, parks, and amusement zones, and any and all other matters and things which shall promote and tend to provide activities of such character for the people of the City.

C. The Commission is authorized to hold hearings, and to do any and other things which shall be necessary to fully advise itself with respect to the needs of the City for parks and recreational activities.

2.62.050 Form of Commission recommendations.

A. All Commission recommendations shall be in writing, signed by the Chairperson and the Secretary of the Commission.

B. In the event that the Commission recommends the acquisition, construction or maintenance of projects requiring the expenditure of tax moneys, the recommendation shall require the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the members of the Commission before such recommendation shall be considered by the City Council.