Chapter 3.64


3.64.010    Purpose.

3.64.020    Identification of unneeded property.

3.64.030    Redistribution of unneeded property.

3.64.040    Identification of surplus property.

3.64.050    Disposal of surplus property.

3.64.060    City personnel prohibition.

3.64.010 Purpose.

It is the purpose of this chapter to provide procedures for identifying, redistributing and disposing of surplus City property, other than real property. (Ord. 1801)

3.64.020 Identification of unneeded property.

Each City department shall submit periodic reports to the Director of Administrative Services indicating supplies, equipment or other personal property which the department no longer needs.

3.64.030 Redistribution of unneeded property.

The Director of Administrative Services shall determine whether supplies, equipment or other personal property identified by a City department as being unneeded can be used by some other City department.

3.64.040 Identification of surplus property.

A. Periodically, the Director of Administrative Services shall submit a report to the City Manager indicating supplies, equipment and personal property that are no longer needed by the City together with a written estimate of the market value thereof.

B. The City Manager shall review the report and declare as surplus property that property which is no longer needed by the City.

C. Wood cut from public property, which has a commercial value as firewood, is hereby deemed surplus property and shall be disposed of in a manner provided in this chapter.

3.64.050 Disposal of surplus property.

A. Surplus property may be used to exchange for or trade in to obtain new supplies, equipment or personal property.

B. If surplus property is worth less than $1,000, the City Manager is authorized to sell the property at its fair market value, without advertising or otherwise soliciting bids.

C. If surplus property is worth $1,000 or more, the City Manager shall dispose of the surplus property either by noticed auction or by advertising for bids. Surplus property shall be sold to the highest cash bidder.

D. Moneys received from the sale of surplus property shall be placed in the general funds of the City.

3.64.060 City personnel prohibition.

No City officer or employee, including officers or employees working under contract to the City, shall purchase surplus property sold in accordance with this chapter.