Chapter 8.08


8.08.010    Payroll certification.

8.08.020    Bills other than payroll.

8.08.030    Form.

8.08.040    Filing of claims.

8.08.050    Time limit for damage claim.

8.08.060    Verification.

8.08.010 Payroll certification.

The regular payroll of all officers and employees of the City, including such temporary employees as may be hired for specific purposes by the City Manager under general authorization of the Council shall, before payments, be duly certified:

A. By the appropriate department director (that the labor was actually performed by the employee at the rate of pay specified);

B. By the City Manager (that the employment was duly authorized); and

C. By the Director of Administrative Services (that such employment and payment conform to the budget ordinance or other authorization of the Council) and shall thereupon be payable as provided by law; but all such payments shall in due course be examined and approved by the Auditing Committee of the Council. (Ord. 1794)

8.08.020 Bills other than payroll.

All other demands, bills and claims against the City arising out of contract, including bills for labor, material and supplies furnished, shall, before payment, be audited and approved by the Auditing Committee, and payment thereof authorized by the Council with such exceptions as approved by the Council and as provided by law and ordinance; provided, that where contracts duly executed by the City call for specific payments on specified dates, such payments shall become payable on such dates after proper certification by appropriate City officials as set forth in CMC 8.08.010, and subject to final audit by the Auditing Committee and approved by the Council.

8.08.030 Form.

All such demands, bills, and claims against the City arising out of contract, except the payroll, shall be accompanied by a requisition/purchase order or a request for a warrant to the Administrative Services, bearing a date, price and a brief description of the article furnished and the work or labor performed, and shall be signed by the person ordering the same and shall be approved by the City Manager and the Director of Administrative Services. A register of audited demands shall be submitted to the City Council approval or rejection and shall have attached thereto the affidavit of the Director of Administrative Services certifying as to the accuracy of the demands and the availability of the funds for the payment thereof. The register shall be signed by the Auditing Committee. (Ord. 1354)

8.08.040 Filing of claims.

All claims shall be filed with the Director of Administrative Services except claims for damages.

8.08.050 Time limit for damage claim.

No claim for damages against the City shall ever be allowed or paid unless there has been first filed with the City Clerk and presented to the Council a claim therefor within six months after the occurrence from which the damages arose.

8.08.060 Verification.

All such claims for damages shall be first verified by the claimant before an officer authorized to administer oaths.