Chapter 20.04


20.04.010    Purpose.

20.04.020    Definition.

20.04.030    General provisions.

20.04.040    Fees.

20.04.050    Application.

20.04.060    Approval for issuance.

20.04.070    Issuance of permit.

20.04.080    Cancellation.

20.04.010 Purpose.

This chapter establishes the procedures for regulating commercial filming on public property and commercial filming on private property which affects the public. The Executive Assistant to the City Manager shall serve as the liaison to all filming/photography applicants, and all affected City departments. (Ord. 1757; Ord. 1528)

20.04.020 Definition.

A. Affects the Public. Commercial filming will be deemed to “affect the public” when, by reason of the spectacle that such filming creates or the devices and conduct which it involves, such filming:

1. Disrupts the normal flow of vehicle or pedestrian traffic;

2. Is likely to cause five or more persons to congregate at any one time and place on public property; or

3. Exposes property or persons to the risk of physical damage.

20.04.030 General provisions.

A. Permit Required. No person shall conduct, manage, participate in or sponsor any commercial filming or photography on public property without a permit issued by the City Manager. No person shall conduct, manage, participate in or sponsor any commercial filming or photography on private property in a manner that is likely to affect the public without a permit issued by the City Manager. The City shall work cooperatively and responsively with the filming/photography industry and all other noncity agencies who have overlapping jurisdiction.

20.04.040 Fees.

Fees for this chapter shall be as follows:

A. A standard application fee of $50.00 for receiving and processing the commercial photography/filming permit application payable at the time of application; and

B. A permit issuance fee computed on an itemized basis to offset the cost of providing public services. This fee is payable as a condition to the issuance of the permit.

20.04.050 Application.

A. Timely Application. The applicant shall file an application for permit at least five days prior to filming for a “basic” permit, and 10 days prior to filming for a permit requiring road closures or traffic control. Permit application information may be given by the production company to the City by telephone or in person. The City may require an on-site meeting with the production company, if necessary.

B. Application by Agent. If the filming is to be conducted by or on behalf of an organization or person other than the organization or person applying for the permit, then the applicant shall file with the application written evidence that such organization or person has authorized the applicant to apply for such permit on its behalf.

C. Contents of Application. The application used shall be the standardized permit application form as prepared by the Department of Commerce – California Film Commission. The application shall include information relating to the following:

1. Dates and hours of operation;

2. Number of people involved;

3. Number and types of equipment;

4. Location of operation;

5. Statement of intent;

6. Liability insurance;

7. Description of activity;

8. Where applicable, CALTRANS and Port District approval.

20.04.060 Approval for issuance.

A. Approval of Application by City Manager. The City Manager shall approve or deny the application within five working days for a “basic” permit, and within 10 working days for a permit requiring road closure or traffic control.

B. Late Applications. If an application is filed late, the City Manager may still accept the application for processing; provided, that he/she determines that the event can be thoroughly analyzed for purposes of approving the issuance of a permit.

20.04.070 Issuance of permit.

A. Upon the determination of the City Manager that all conditions imposed upon the issuance of the permit have been satisfied to include payment of fees, the City Manager shall issue a business operations permit allowing the filming to be conducted in conformity with the restrictions and conditions set forth in the permit.

B. The production company is required to keep a copy of the permit on the filming site at all times during filming operations.

C. Unlimited permit “riders” (written attachments to the permit that accommodate minor changes) may be used. A permit may not, however, be extended or amended by a rider after the completion of the filming activity.

20.04.080 Cancellation.

An application for a filming permit may be canceled at any time prior to filming by the applicant. A cancellation fee shall not be charged if the production company cancels the filming. However, the production company shall be responsible for the standard application fee and any other costs incurred by the City in the planning and execution of the filming other than those incurred in the City Manager’s Office.