Chapter 20.06


20.06.010    Purpose.

20.06.020    Definition.

20.06.030    Issuing authority.

20.06.040    Application.

20.06.050    Fees, regulations.

20.06.060    Restrictions.

20.06.010 Purpose.

It is unlawful for any person to sell at retail any firearm within the City without first having obtained an operations permit in accordance with this chapter. (Ord. 1783)

20.06.020 Definition.

“Seller of firearms” shall be any person who sells or offers for sale at retail any pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun or other firearm which detonates or fires an explosive compound or other form of combustion in any manner and discharges or is capable of being altered so as to discharge a projectile.

20.06.030 Issuing authority.

A. The Director of Police Services is authorized to issue business operations permit: retail firearms dealer and to regulate activities thereunder.

B. The issuing authority shall administer this chapter in accordance with the regulations contained in the California Code of Regulations. (See Cal. Code. Regs. Ch. 1, Art. 2.)

20.06.040 Application.

An application for the operations permit required by this chapter shall be filed no later than 30 days prior to the proposed commencement date of the business operation.

20.06.050 Fees, regulations.

A. The operations permit shall be in a form prescribed by the Attorney General.

B. The term of the operations permit shall be for no more than one year from the date of issue.

C. Additional rules and regulations for the conduct of the business operation regulated by this chapter are set forth in the provisions of the California Penal Code (Part 4, Title 2, Chapter 1, Article 4, commencing with Section 12070).

D. A violation of this chapter may be prosecuted as a violation of the California Penal Code, punishable as a misdemeanor.

20.06.060 Restrictions.

A material safety data sheet through County Public Health will be required prior to the storage of any material which may be considered an explosive compound.