Chapter 20.12


20.12.010    Purpose.

20.12.020    Issuing authority.

20.12.030    Investigation fee.

20.12.040    Permit fee.

20.12.050    Regulations.

20.12.010 Purpose.

A. It is unlawful for any person to use public property as a site for the conduct of a commercial activity without first having obtained a business operations permit: use of public property, together with any other licenses and permits required by this code. Uses of public property subject to the regulations of this chapter include, without limitation, the following:

1. The standing or parking of any vehicle, wagon, display or pushcart on a sidewalk, street or other public property from which commercial transactions are conducted;

2. Moving from place to place on sidewalks or streets for the purpose of conducting commercial transactions;

3. Remaining at a fixed site on public property to conduct commercial transactions.

B. The following commercial activities are exempt from the provisions of this chapter:

1. Newsracks;

2. Commercial filming;

3. Driving schools;

4. Paratransit permittees;

5. Persons delivering articles or services upon order of, or agreement with, a recipient purchaser;

6. Charitable solicitation;

7. Housemoves. (Ord. 1553; Ord. 1513)

20.12.020 Issuing authority.

The Director of Administrative Services is authorized to issue business operations permit: use of public property and to regulate activities related thereto. However, if the applicant wishes to establish a fixed site on public property for a period exceeding 30 minutes, then the issuing authority shall be the City Manager.

20.12.030 Investigation fee.

The investigation fee shall be set from time to time upon the recommendation of the City Manager approved by resolution of the City Council.

20.12.040 Permit fee.

The permit fee shall be set from time to time upon the recommendation of the City Manager approved by resolution of the City Council.

20.12.050 Regulations.

A. The permittee shall use only those locations designated in the permit.

B. The permittee shall not ring the bell, knock on the door or attempt to gain admittance to any property whereon a sign bearing the words “no peddlers or solicitors” or words of similar import indicating that peddlers or solicitors are not wanted on the premises is displayed to public view, unless previously and expressly invited to come upon the premises.

C. The permittee shall use the property only for the purpose specified in the permit. The permittee shall agree to hold the City of Coronado harmless and indemnify the City of Coronado from and against all claims, demands, costs, losses, damages, injuries, litigation and liability arising out of or related to the use of the public property by the permittee or permittee’s agents, employees or contractors.

D. The permittee shall give evidence of liability insurance in an amount determined by the issuing authority to be sufficient to deal with the maximum amount of potential liability related to permittee’s use of the public property and may include an additional bond to secure the permittee’s obligation to repair all public property damaged by the permittee.