Chapter 36.12


36.12.010    Transportation.

36.12.020    Storage and use.

36.12.030    Manure piles.

36.12.040    Garbage.

36.12.050    Penalty for violation.

36.12.010 Transportation.

No manure, animal excreta or stable refuse shall be transported within the City unless the same shall be treated with a larvacide satisfactory to the Director of Public Health, and in a vehicle effectively covered to prevent the contents from being dropped, which vehicle shall have been approved for such transportation by the Director of Public Health. A certificate evidencing compliance with the above shall remain in the possession of the person transporting the above-mentioned fertilizer at all times and shall be shown to any peace or health officer upon demand.

36.12.020 Storage and use.

No person shall keep or store manure, animal excreta or stable refuse unless the same shall have been treated with a larvicide satisfactory to the Director of Public Health. All manure delivered to property for use as fertilizer, unless stored as provided herein, shall be disposed of within 48 hours either by spading the same into the ground so that no part of it shall be exposed on the surface and attract and offer a breeding place for flies, or such manure shall be spread on the surface of lawns as grass fertilizer.

36.12.030 Manure piles.

No manure shall be allowed to remain in piles within the City, except when the same be cared for in the following manner:

A. Manure that is to be converted into compost by mixing with earth, leaves, garden litter, etc., shall be completely covered over with sufficient earth so that no part may be exposed to the air and will prevent the development of any offensive or disagreeable odor.

B. Such piles of compost shall not be allowed nearer than 50 feet from the living rooms of neighboring residence.

C. When any portion of this compost shall be removed, the broken surface shall be immediately covered with fresh soil in order that no part of the interior shall be exposed to the air.

D. If wood is used instead of cement, the boards used for the purpose of constructing the pit shall be at least one and one-half inches in thickness, free from knots that may drop out later and give access to flies. These boards shall be securely nailed and the corners reinforced to ensure tightness at all times.

E. The sides of the pit shall be at least one foot above the general surface and be provided with a stout close fitting cover of wood; or a canvas cover, provided the same is large enough to cover the pit completely and hang over on all sides for at least eight inches.

F. Any person intending to use such pits, of either material mentioned, shall apply for a permit; and the pit shall be inspected by the regular Building Inspector before use is made of it.

36.12.040 Garbage.

No garbage of any sort, either of animal or vegetable origin, shall be composted with the manure or placed in the manure pits.

36.12.050 Penalty for violation.

Any person, firm or corporation violating a provision of this chapter shall be guilty of an infraction. (Ord. 1400)