Chapter 41.16


41.16.010    Variances.

41.16.020    Appeals.

41.16.030    Noise permits.

41.16.010 Variances.

The Coronado Planning Commission shall evaluate all applications for variances from the requirements of Chapter 41.14 CMC and may grant said variances with respect to time for compliances, subject to such terms, conditions, and requirements as the Planning Commission may deem reasonable to achieving compliance with the provisions of this title. Each variance shall set forth in detail the approved method of achieving compliance and time schedule for its accomplishment. If in the judgment of the Coronado Planning Commission the time for compliance cannot be reasonably determined, a variance may be issued for a period not to exceed three years. In determining the reasonableness of the terms of any proposed variance the Planning Commission shall consider the magnitude of the nuisance caused by the offensive noise, the uses of property within the area of impingement by the noise, operations carried on under existing nonconforming rights or conditional use permits or zone variances, the time factors related to study, design, financing and construction of remedial work, the economic factors related to age and useful life of the equipment and the general public interest and welfare. A fee as established by the City Council shall be charged to each applicant for processing variances.

41.16.020 Appeals.

Any person who is aggrieved by approval or disapproval of a variance granted by the Planning Commission may file an appeal within 10 calendar days to the City Council in accordance with Chapter 1.12 CMC. (Ord. 2025 § 5, 2011)

41.16.030 Noise permits.

The Noise Control Officer shall evaluate all applications for noise control permits from the requirements of Chapter 41.14 CMC and may grant said permits for convenience of the public with respect to conditions necessary to ensure that the requested activity will not result in a disruption to the public’s peace and quiet. Such permits are intended to permit reasonable use of live bands, and certain other social events, while assuring that such activities will not be injurious to neighboring residents.