Chapter 48.12


48.12.010    Permit.

48.12.020    Access and use.

48.12.030    Golf Course Marshals.

48.12.040    Penalty for violation.

48.12.010 Permit.

The access and use of the hereinafter described property by the members of the public is hereby limited to access and use as a municipal golf course. The property is described as follows:

All that area south and west of a straight line drawn between old Station 152 of the bulk head line and Station 51 on the adjudicated mean high tide line and the prolongation thereof to its intersection with the easterly curbline of Glorietta Boulevard, thence turning southerly and westerly at the intersection and following in the meandering course along the curbline around Glorietta Point and Bay to a point on the curbline which is six hundred feet, more or less, north of Station 21 on the adjudicated mean high tide line, thence turning easterly and southerly in a straight line through Station 29 on the adjudicated mean high tide line and this prolongation to its intersection with the pierhead line, and thence following the pierhead line in its meandering course around Glorietta Bay, Glorietta Point, back to Station 235 on the pierhead line and thence turning westerly in a straight line to new Station 151 on the bulkhead line of Glorietta Bay, excluding area occupied by public streets, parking and buildings.1

48.12.020 Access and use.

It is unlawful for any person to enter upon any portion of the lands herein restricted for use as a municipal golf course for any purpose other than that for which the area is restricted without a permit issued by the Director of Golf Services or other duly authorized employee of the City, provided such restricted area shall have been posted with signs declaring such restricting at intervals of not greater than two blocks along streets, highways, and/or waterways bounding said restricted area. (Ord. 1349)

48.12.030 Golf Course Marshals.

The Director of Golf Services may appoint one or more Golf Course Marshals to supervise the flow of play on the course and such regulations for use of the course as may be promulgated by the Director of Golf Services. All persons using the golf course shall comply with the directions of the Course Marshals and the regulations for the use of the course. (Ord. 1349)

48.12.040 Penalty for violation.

Any person who violates any provision of this chapter or fails to comply with any regulation adopted pursuant to this chapter is guilty of an infraction. (Ord. 1400)


For statutory provisions authorizing a City to acquire property for a golf course, see Gov. Code Section 37353.