Chapter 48.20


48.20.010    Anchoring or mooring in shallow water.

48.20.020    Putting rubbish into bay.

48.20.030    Penalty for violation.

48.20.010 Anchoring or mooring in shallow water.1

No person, firm or corporation, whether as owner, tenant or occupant of any houseboat, yacht, launch or watercraft of any kind equipped with a cabin or accommodations for the habitation of such craft by human beings, shall anchor or moor, or cause to be anchored or moored, any such craft within that portion of the San Diego Bay bordering the shoreline of this City between the westerly boundary of this City and the southeasterly boundary of this City in such a manner that the water under such houseboat, yacht, launch or other watercraft used for habitation by human beings shall be less than three feet in depth at low tide.

48.20.020 Putting rubbish into bay.

No person shall dispose, or cause or permit to be disposed, any rubbish, sewage, garbage or table refuse in that portion of San Diego Bay bordering the shore of this City and within the City limits.

48.20.030 Penalty for violation.

Any person who violates a provision of this chapter or who fails to comply with any regulation adopted pursuant to this chapter shall be guilty of an infraction. (Ord. 1400)


For provisions concerning the San Diego Unified Port District, see Harbors and Nav. Code, Appendix 1.