Chapter 56.14


56.14.010    Signs for one-way streets and alleys.

56.14.020    State Highway Routes 75 and 282.

56.14.030    Local streets.

56.14.010 Signs for one-way streets and alleys.

Whenever any ordinance or resolution of this City designates any one-way street or alley, the City Engineer shall place and maintain signs giving notice thereof, and no such regulations shall be effective unless such signs are in place. Signs indicating the direction of lawful traffic movement shall be placed at every intersection where movement of traffic in the opposite direction is prohibited.

56.14.020 State Highway Routes 75 and 282.

Portions of the following streets are hereby designated and declared to be one-way streets:

A. Fourth Street eastbound from Alameda Boulevard to Pomona Avenue;

B. Pomona Avenue westbound from Fourth Street to Third Street;

C. Third Street westbound from Pomona Avenue to Alameda Boulevard; and

D. Alameda Boulevard southbound from Third Street to Fourth Street.

56.14.030 Local streets.

Council may, by resolution, designate streets and alleys not on the State highway system for one-way use.