Chapter 60.08


60.08.010    Purpose.

60.08.020    Charge for sanitary sewer service.

60.08.030    Collection.

60.08.040    Delinquent payments – Penalties.

60.08.050    Sanitary sewer service rate.

60.08.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to impose a charge on users of the sanitary sewer system to reimburse the City for the reasonable costs of providing this service. The cost of providing sanitary sewer service includes the costs of acquisition, construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and operation of the sanitary sewer system and the payment of principal and interest on bonds or other debt instruments issued for the construction or reconstruction of the sanitation sewer system. These costs are not related to expenses incurred to accommodate new development. The amount of the charge to the user shall be reasonably related to the quantity and quality of the user’s discharge into the sanitary sewer system. (Ord. 1825; Ord. 1390)

60.08.020 Charge for sanitary sewer service.

The owner of real property which is connected to the sanitary sewer system of the City shall pay a sanitary sewer service charge pursuant to this chapter.

60.08.030 Collection.

A. The sanitary sewer service charge together with any delinquent payments and penalties thereon shall be collected in the same manner, by the same persons, at the same time as, and together with the general taxes of the City.

B. Where property does not appear on the tax rolls or when it is deemed appropriate by the Director of Administrative Services, the City may send individual bills to users of the City sanitary sewer system.

60.08.040 Delinquent payments – Penalties.

A sanitary sewer service charge shall be delinquent at the same time as the general taxes of the City for those sanitary service charges listed on the general taxes For those sanitary sewer service charges that are not listed on the tax rolls, payments shall be delinquent 30 days from the date of the bill. A basic penalty of 10 percent of the amount charged shall be imposed on any delinquent payment together with an additional penalty of one-half of one percent of the delinquent payment and basic penalty imposed monthly until such amount is paid in full. (Ord. 1733; Ord. 1718; Ord. 1679; Ord. 1655; Ord. 1629; Ord. 1600; Ord. 1530; Ord. 1416)

60.08.050 Sanitary sewer service rate.

The monthly charges for sanitary sewer service user categories are based upon the 2014 Sewer User Rate Study performed by Atkins North America, Inc., on behalf of the City, and have been adopted and set forth in Ordinance No. 2045, and are as indicated below:

A. Residential User Categories.

Monthly Sewer Service Charge Rate By Fiscal Year (FY) (July 1 to June 30)(1)

Land Use

Current Rate

FY 2014/2015

FY 2015/2016

FY 2016/2017

FY 2017/2018

FY 2018/2019















B. Nonresidential User Categories.

Monthly Sewer Service Charge Rate By Fiscal Year (FY) (July 1 to June 30) 

Land Use







Flat Rates (Monthly)

Current Rate

FY 2014/2015

FY 2015/2016

FY 2016/2017

FY 2017/2018

FY 2018/2019








Small Restaurant (up to 50 seats)







Medium Restaurant (51 to 150 seats)







Large Restaurant (over 150 seats)







Hotel/Motel (per room)







Boat Slips (per slip berth)







Flow Based Rates (per HCF)(2):

Current Rate

FY 2014/2015

FY 2015/2016

FY 2016/2017

FY 2017/2018

FY 2018/2019















Hotel del Coronado Laundromat














Tidelands Port Authority







1. This is non-inclusive of potential proposed City of San Diego Metropolitan Wastewater District and San Diego Gas and Electric pass-through rate increases or decreases.

2. Hundred cubic feet (“HCF”) of potable water used, which is equivalent to 748 gallons as measured by a water meter.

C. The City Manager is hereby authorized and directed to pass through all future fees and charges imposed by other entities on the City related to wholesale charges for sewage treatment or wastewater treatment, to those charged sewer service charges, for a five-year period beginning September 1, 2014. (Ord. 2045 § 3, 2014; Ord. 1846)