Chapter 60.16


60.16.010    Purpose.

60.16.020    Charge for storm drainage system.

60.16.030    Collection.

60.16.040    Delinquent payments – Payments.

60.16.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to impose a charge on those property owners who benefit from the City’s storm drainage system. The charge is to reimburse the City for the reasonable costs of providing this service. The cost of providing storm drainage system service includes the costs of acquisition, construction, reconstruction, maintenance and operation of the storm drainage system and the payment of principal and interest on bonds issued for the construction or reconstruction of the storm drainage system. These costs are not related to expenses incurred to accommodate new development. The amount of the charge to the property owner shall be reasonably related to the proportional amount that the property benefits from the storm drainage system. (Ord. 1826)

60.16.020 Charge for storm drainage system.

The owner of real property located within the City shall pay a storm drain service charge per month as follows:


Monthly Charge

A. Each dwelling unit and habitable unit


B. Each commercial establishment and use


(Ord. 1847)

60.16.030 Collection.

A. The storm drainage service charge together with any delinquent payments and penalties thereon shall be collected in the same manner, by the same persons, at the same time as, and together with the property taxes of the City.

B. Where property does not appear on the tax rolls or when it is deemed appropriate by the Director of Administrative Services, the City may send individual bills to persons that benefit from the City’s storm drainage system.

60.16.040 Delinquent payments Payments.

A storm drainage service charge shall be delinquent at the same time as the property taxes of the City for those storm drain service charges listed on the property taxes. For those storm drainage service charges that are not listed on the tax rolls, payments shall be delinquent 30 days from the date of the bill. A basic penalty of 10 percent of the amount charged shall be imposed on any delinquent payment together with an additional penalty of one-half of one percent of the delinquent payment and basic penalty imposed monthly until such amount is paid in full.