Chapter 62.30


62.30.010    Citation.

62.30.020    Authority.

62.30.022    Definition.

62.30.030    Litter control regulations.

62.30.040    Unlawful to litter.

62.30.042    Distribution of printed materials.

62.30.050    Litter receptacles.

62.30.052    Receptacle standards.

62.30.054    Abuse or improper use of litter receptacles prohibited.

62.30.060    Property owner responsibility.

62.30.070    Clearing litter from private property.

62.30.010 Citation.

This chapter may be cited as the City of Coronado Litter Control Ordinance. (Ord. 1801; Ord. 1428)

62.30.020 Authority.

Litter is a type of solid waste and as such comes under the provisions of the State Solid Waste Management Program established by Titles 7.3 and 7.8 of the California Government Code. The Government Code makes the Solid Waste Management Board responsible for developing Statewide policy in the solid waste management field and the Board’s directives are found in the California Administrative Code (Division 7 of Title 14). However, in accordance with the legislative intent expressed in the Government Code, primary responsibility for solid waste management rests with local governmental agencies. (See also Chapter 62.04 CMC.)

62.30.022 Definition.

The California Administrative Code defines “litter” as all improperly discarded waste material, including, but not limited to, convenience food, beverage and other product packages or containers constructed of steel, aluminum, glass, paper, plastic and other natural and synthetic materials, thrown or deposited on the lands and waters of the State, but not including the properly discarded waste of the primary processing of agriculture, mining, logging, sawmilling or manufacturing.

62.30.030 Litter control regulations.

The Director of Public Services shall make and enforce regulations necessary for the control of litter within the City and may amend such regulations from time to time as conditions require. These regulations shall be consistent with the general policy established by this chapter and shall be approved by the City Council by resolution.

62.30.040 Unlawful to litter.

No person shall throw or deposit, or cause to be deposited, litter in or upon any public street, alley, sidewalk, other public right-of-way or public place within the City except in public receptacles or authorized private receptacles for collection. Further, no person shall throw or deposit, or allow or cause to be deposited, litter on any private property within the City, vacant or occupied, whether owned by such person or not.

62.30.042 Distribution of printed materials.

No person shall distribute, deliver, or throw, or cause or permit to be distributed, delivered or thrown, any newspaper, magazine, handbill, dodger, advertising material or other written or printed matter or substance on any private property in the City or in any street, alley, park or other public place in the City unless such matter is so placed as to render it impossible to be blown about or scattered about by the wind upon such private or public property.

62.30.050 Litter receptacles.

In accordance with the provisions of the California Administrative Code, litter receptacles meeting acceptable standards shall be placed in public places including, but not limited to, the following:

A. Drive-in restaurants and fast food outlets.

B. Gasoline service stations.

C. Shopping centers.

D. Grocery stores.

E. Boat launching and takeout areas.

F. Boat mooring and fueling stations.

G. Public piers.

H. Parks and campgrounds.

I. Beaches.

J. Outdoor parking lots which have the capacity of 50 or more automobiles and which are contiguous to the public places listed herein.

K. Movie theaters and playhouses.

Litter receptacles shall be required to be in place at the above locations only when said places are open to the public.

62.30.052 Receptacle standards.

Standards for the design, marking and maintenance of litter receptacles shall be established by the Director of Public Services.

62.30.054 Abuse or improper use of litter receptacles prohibited.

A. No person shall damage, deface, abuse or misuse any litter receptacle not owned by him so as to interfere with its proper function or to detract from its proper appearance.

B. No person shall deposit leaves, clippings, prunings or gardening refuse in any litter receptacle.

C. No person shall deposit household refuse or garbage in any litter receptacle; provided, that this subsection shall not be construed to mean that waste food consumed on the premises at any public place may not be deposited in litter receptacles.

62.30.060 Property owner responsibility.

The owner or person in control of any private property shall at all times maintain the premises free of litter; provided, however, that the storage of litter in authorized private receptacles for collection is not prohibited.

62.30.070 Clearing litter from private property.

Whenever the owner or person in control of any private property fails to maintain the premises free of litter as required by this chapter, the City may proceed to remove and dispose of such litter in accordance with the provisions of this code governing the removal of weeds, refuse and other kinds of waste material.